Tip 1 Use WP sandboxes, free hosting sites, and plugin/themes sandboxes sites to create and play with a demo WordPress site

WP sandbox = a service that helps you create a temporary WP site so you can play with WordPress and understand how it works.

Alternative for using an online WP sandbox: Local hosted WP sites. It is not as complicated as it sounds. Check our Cool WP Tip 2 for more details about it.

Best sandbox site solutions
Reasons to use an WP sandbox site

Risks when using an WP sandbox site (as usual please read our TOS)

Do not share your sensitive details. These places are only for playing with WordPress, and get an intuition of how they work.

Someofthem might host maleware. I don’t condone any service, and cannot guarantee anything. However, when they are free, they might want to get money from somewhere. Check if they have other services that they sell, like plugins, themes or upsells for their top service. I tried them and I didn’t have any issue.

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